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Author Topic: Soldier Killed by Police  (Read 1085 times)


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Soldier Killed by Police
« on: September 02, 2012, 02:42:45 pm »
Please don't rush to judgement.  A soldier with a legal concealed carry piece is dead after a domestic violence call.  TPD does not have a reputation for careless use of force.  The Pierce County prosecutor has been very fair in cases with concealed weapons and self defense.  This is one article, one early report of an incident.  Some of the information comes from the late soldier's girlfriend who was not present when the incident occurred.  I plan on following this incident, and not rushing to judgement. 

This may have been a tragic incident of bad judgement and poor communication.  It may also be attempted murder interrupted.  Or it may be something different.  One man is dead.
Army Sgt. Prince Gavin was moving from Tacoma on the day he was shot and killed by a police officer, his girlfriend said Saturday.

Tacoma police released no new details Saturday about the shooting, but Gavin’s girlfriend, Nicole Lee, said she believes it resulted from a misunderstanding over Gavin’s concealed weapon.

Lee, who had been dating Gavin for more than six months, said her boyfriend lived at the apartment on South Mildred Street where police responded to a domestic-violence call Friday afternoon. She said his ex-girlfriend was helping him move and believed the two of them got into an argument. The two had been arguing in recent days, she said.

“My understanding was (the gun) was in his hand when he got out of his truck and ran toward the house,” Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said Saturday. “What took place after that, I don’t know.”

Lee said Gavin, originally from Chicago, was a nonconfrontational individual who would never draw a weapon unless he needed to defend himself.

“He’s really a square-bear, nerdy guy that follows the rules,” said Lee, 34, of Tacoma. “He’s a good citizen. He’s a model citizen.”

Lee said Gavin, a combat medic who twice deployed to Iraq while stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, carried the weapon for protection, but was always very careful with it and had a permit.

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