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Author Topic: Friends and spreading , the ready...  (Read 1908 times)


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Friends and spreading , the ready...
« on: November 18, 2008, 01:16:46 am »
    All too often those who like to be ready seem worried or fearfull that their neighbors and friends will think they are nutters or crazy for being  ready.  It should not be an issue but to often it is , that we are not as open or ready to share our being prepared.

    What I am looking for here are comments and suggestion on getting friends and relatives in on geting themselves prepared and also setting up other resources in different locations.

   I think the most common and, first is haveing important papers copied and stored in a seperate location. Haveing copies of birth certificates deeds and social security cards, is important for recovery, but trust needs to be there. ( you dont want em running off with your identity )

  Have medications and lists of needed meds and prescriptions is also important. It takes a bit of work and an understanding doctor to get that extra two week supply of pills you can store at your uncle earls place for when  the hurricain hits but it is worth it to do.

   Ammo, the darn stuff is heavy and it might be nice if all your friends have the same calibers and pistols, we all know,  you if you throw six guys ( or gals ) in a room and youll have 9 types of rounds. So throwing a couple boxes of your choice of bullets at your buddies house isnt a bad idea. I have gone as far as storing an extra pistol at a friend or twos, It also makes me feel better knowing they will have a little extra even if I dont get there and need to use it. It also helps with the rules on flying these days, I dont like haveing to put a pistol in checked bags, I can walk off the plane, check to make sure I have my paper work and stick a pistol under my coat when my friends pick me up.

    Food is another tough one, but I have found if I buy a couple flats of canned goods and or a gift card to a local store, I can get my friends to start putting a little aside, I dont expect to use their food but if I do show up to their door hat in hand I know that I wont just be using and I had added to the supply, I also find by doing this it helps them get in the mood to put a few things aside. I like to pick things that I like to eat and most people wont touch, kipper snacks, canned spinach etc, that way they can pick up the cans of carrots or mac and cheese. I also wil lpick up a bundle or two of toilet paper, it might not be needed but its nice to have. So making sure my friends have it, means it will be there. 

  For thsoe with kids and pets, pet food, toys, diapers, you ca nget a bunch of stuff into a small box or rubbermaid container and leave em with the crew, again it is there when needed.

more suggestions? comments , ideas ???? :neener
So getting friends to have a few thigns stored for ya is a blessing.

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    Re: Friends and spreading , the ready...
    « Reply #1 on: November 19, 2008, 01:24:20 am »

    Someone else here posted this link a while back (IIRC), so I can't take credit for it, but it's damned well worth reading:

    Some of the advice is specific to his situation (Sh-te is Rolling Down Hill, Quickly, At You and You Must Leave Quickly), but much of it's applicable to more generic SHTF situations.  Better by leaps and bounds than the couple of "survival" books I've read.

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