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Author Topic: Eotac Tactical Vest  (Read 1744 times)

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Eotac Tactical Vest
« on: February 08, 2009, 09:04:13 pm »
I ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago.  It's similar to the 5-11 line, but has some features I appreciate, such as elastic pockets in the back for water bottles.

The quality on this vest is tops.  The materials and workmanship exude quality.  It has the requisite million pockets.  I really like it.  I only have three issues:

1.  The exterior "napolean" pockets are too shallow to conceal anything bigger than a J-frame wearing boot grips.  My Taurus 85 is wearing a set of Hogue rubber grips and the butt "peeks out" slightly.  However, there is a spacious inner pocket that can easily hold a fullsize semiautomatic.  My CW45 does not print at all from the interior pocket.

2.  I wish it was a couple of inches longer.  No big deal.  I'm tall and I accept that unless something is available in a "T" size it will be shorter on me than I would like.

3.  Nowhere to put my hands!  It's my fault for not looking more closely, but a couple of slash pockets would be very nice.

This is a very nice concealment vest.  I can carry a pistol, two extra magazines, folding knife, cell phone, pepper spray, and flashlight without dragging my jeans down around my knees.  When the vest is zipped, the weight of all of my stuff is distributed evenly across the shoulders.  Fernando has made a believer out of me.
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