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Author Topic: Rogue bullpup conversion stock for the M14/M1A  (Read 1590 times)


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Rogue bullpup conversion stock for the M14/M1A
« on: March 07, 2012, 10:51:36 am »
By now, most M14/M1A enthusiasts have read about or seen a bullpup conversion stock for the M14/M1A rifle.
The first one I saw was the Bulldog from SRSS, but I never succeeded in buying one... I was approached by a
guy named Dino February of 2011 with an offer to try out a new bullpup stock for the M14/M1A - the Rogue.

My Rogue chassis, the very first production model, was delivered to my home on the final day of July 2011.

The bullpup configuration is both cool and strange. I tried several different configurations before I got it to where I felt good with it.

You can see what I did @ H2O's Rogue Modifications & Upgrades and on my facebook page @ H2O's Rogue M14

If you are considering buying a Rogue there are a few things you should know about it.

1. It's heavy... it's heavier than any of my SAGE EBRs and TROY MCS that I've owned.

2. The Rogue trigger uses a steel rod to reach back to the rifles trigger, you feel the added linkage and the rod rattles.

3. Mag changes require a 'reach around' technique that is cumbersome and slow.

4. Optics require additional height... I used a riser and a set of tall rings to get proper scope alignment.

5. Unlike the SAGE EBR, the Rogue chassis is not designed to enhance your rifles accuracy.

6. The Rogue conversion kit is expensive, expect to spend around $1k to get a basic kit.

Bottom line:

The Rogue is probably the best conversion kit currently available, but it could be better... it could be a lot lighter.

*The basic kit weighs just over 6 pounds... that's before you install a barreled action and minimal accessories.
A complete Scout barreled action weighs just under 6 pounds... a naked Rogue will weigh 12 pounds and it only gets heavier.

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