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Author Topic: CZ BREN 805 at 100 yards  (Read 1251 times)


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CZ BREN 805 at 100 yards
« on: May 24, 2016, 05:42:25 pm »
I am not a rifleman, nor do I play one on TV, but I sure love shooting this rifle!
Today I finished up shooting my handloads I'd put together and fired mostly at the 50 yard line yesterday, but today I found I could use the 300 yard line! Nobody there, so I could walk out and back to my little hearts content...wish I'd taken the real camera, but that will come soon...
I found that the 55gr Hornaday soft point load didn't do to badly at 100 yards...

Oops...gotta adjust the red dot again. Was sighted in for 50 yards.

Went too far...taped up hole is flyer from other target next door.

Like Goldilocks said, just right!

That's the 60 grain soft point load I figured would make a good varmint round. I saw that group and fired my last 4 rounds of that load down range.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a keeper. Now to make a LOT more of them to start tweaking and chrono testing to make sure they are stepping out smartly enough. Unlike last time, where I shot kneeling because I was too out of it to remember certain items, all rounds fired today were from a seated, front rested position, and spotted with a nice old Bushnell spotting scope. I'm getting to like Bushnell...just sayin'... The TRS-32 red dot worked very well, held zero, only one problem - the 5 MOA dot completely covered my 4 MOA bullseye...oops. Next time I want to go out to 200 yards with some more realistic targets like the B-27 or a full size coyote target...if I can FIND one. This WILL be the ultimate coyote killer, so my neighbors can rest easier about their livestock.

Not to mention this thing is just SO much fun! The trigger just seems to get better and better. I'd almost swear that Cajun Gun Works already got to this one if I didn't know it was factory stock...

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    Re: CZ BREN 805 at 100 yards
    « Reply #1 on: May 24, 2016, 11:48:54 pm »
    The Bren is a true Sleeper rifle.  It doesn't get near the attention that it deserves.
    Not until I get one... then the price can jump due to popularity.
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