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Author Topic: .300 Blackout or 6.8 AR upper or get a .308?  (Read 1756 times)


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.300 Blackout or 6.8 AR upper or get a .308?
« on: March 06, 2012, 10:10:58 am »
I've been on the fence as far as these two calibers go. I'm wanting a higher caliber harder hitting round for my AR with the primary focus being able to use the AR for hunting in VA or hog hunting in TX.  Typically the shots here in VA would be under 300 yards. It would be fun to get a suppressor for the .300 Blackout at some point, but that's more about fun than practicallity.

I already have a 5.56 upper from BCM and a .22 dedicated upper from Spikes for plinking and HD purposes. The 6.8 or .300 would mainly be for hunting.

6.8 would be more expensive to get into with mags and ammo and doesn't share as many common parts. I already have a spare BCM BCG that I have laying around so the only thing I'd need for the .300 is the upper. With the 6.8 I'd need a new BCG and some mags.

At this point my finacial options are get the .300, or  6.8 in an AR upper, or buy a bolt rifle in .308.

What direction would you guys lean towards?

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