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Title: Hunting Target Match Ammo
Post by: VR-21 on February 15, 2014, 06:44:36 pm
  I've recently acquired several boxes of once-fired .308 cases that I need some information about. The headstamp on the cases says HP .308 7.62x51, and it comes in boxes of 20.  The boxes are pretty much standard 'white box' size but they are black with a yellow label across the front that says HuntingTargetMatch Centerfire Ammunition Made in the USA. There is no company name anywhere on the box. It looks like good brass, but I don't know anything about it, and my 'googling' hasn't been too fruitful. I'm thinking of using it for the upcoming NRA High-Power season, but I'd really like to know a little more about it.  Thanks.
Title: Re: Hunting Target Match Ammo
Post by: VR-21 on February 20, 2014, 06:09:32 pm
For what it's worth, my continued poking around on the internet yielded an answer.  The brass (ammo) is made by an outfit called BVAC (Bitterroot Valley Ammunition & Components - http://www.bvac-ammo.com/ (http://www.bvac-ammo.com/)) They're located, as their name suggests in Montana, and their products have been sold by outfits like CheaperThanDirt. One reads good and bad reviews on the internet, but I've no experience with them other that this quantity of brass I've been given. I'm a little disappointed by it because after prepping the entire 160 pieces I was given I find that the necks are too thin to give what I consider adequate neck tension on the bullet for use in an M1-A. My Redding FL resizer die left the case neck so wide that I could pull the bullet out of the case with my fingers quite easily, and was only somewhat better using an RCBS die.  Looks like the only thing I'll get any real use out of will be the boxes they came in.