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Title: Dillon deal on Berry's 240 plated .429
Post by: HiVelSword on May 11, 2012, 02:29:25 pm
Probably not a huge deal. Heck, you guys might now where to get them for cheaper. But I haven't bought anything from Dillon in almost a year and I didn't want to lose my monthly Blue Press.

Anyway, on their site they show the option of buying 200, 400 or 800. But it also said it's a good idea to check before ordering to see if they are backordered. I did. They had them. But the guy told me they were sold in lots of 250. Which is strange because Berry's sells them by the 200 as well. But I digress.

Website shows 400 for $67 and change (.10 IIRC) and he told me I was getting 500 for the same price.

He never said it was a special deal for this month or anything. So maybe they haven't updated their website yet. But I finally ordered bullets so that I can finally start reloading. Should have them next week.

The result? Black Sunshine, 300 rounds of .44 Automag (plus 6 dummy rounds) and eight POF P-25 mags are heading to Gundoc by the end of the month.  :clap