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Title: American Reloading "Premium Mix 224"
Post by: sqlbullet on May 06, 2020, 12:47:19 pm
I picked up 2000 of American Reloading's "Premium Mix 223" projectiles with a promo code recently.  With the code I am just under ยข6 each for these bullets.  I thought I would post up the distribution I got, not just for this forum, but for any spiders that search.

55HP-BT585Two variations.  Different cannelure, ogive,boat tail.
55SP-PB391Flat base, short ogive
55SP-PB345Concave base, long ogive
62SP-FB281Cannelure has big sealant rings left behind
69BL-BT9Sierra Match King Ballistic Tip
69HP-BT22Have black sealant residue
77HP-BT124Have black sealant residue

Took about two hours to weigh, sort and determine the counts.  The quantities of 22 and under were hand counted.  The rest were weighed on a postal scale to the nearest 0.1 oz and the count was derived from the weight.

I would buy again, but I kinda like the excitement of finding out what I got.  If I just wanted 55 grain plinking bullets I would pay the extra penny for plain old FMJ from any number of sources.  As it is I got some 62 grain, 75 grain and 77 grain to play with, as well as as decent stock of 55 grain.
Title: Re: American Reloading "Premium Mix 224"
Post by: coelacanth on May 06, 2020, 03:05:15 pm
Yup.  Good counts of the 62 grain size.  As long as you find the time spent sorting and inspecting its all good.  I don't currently shoot the 5.56/.223 but my son just picked up a bolt gun in the caliber so I may have to invest in the necessary equipment and supplies to help him find out what the rifle likes and try to keep a lid on ammo costs during these tough times.   

Years ago I had a Remington 700 chambered in .222 Remington and it was boringly accurate if I did my part but I got out of varmint hunting and finally traded it for a lever gun to toss in the truck when poking around the back country.  The 5.56/.223 world has moved on considerably since those days and it might be time to get the 550 B upgrade for my old Dillon RL 450 and finally get dragged ( kicking and screaming ) into the 21st century.   I appreciate you posting the results of your experience(s) with new powders especially and will be looking forward to your future write-ups on these bullets.   :thumbup1