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Author Topic: AA12R or AA12R?  (Read 1091 times)


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AA12R or AA12R?
« on: March 16, 2017, 11:13:41 am »

Ok, you've come into a supply of original Winchester AA12R wads, now the question is
which version of the AA12R wad do you have.

The AA12R wad was introduced to the consumer reloading market in the 1960's for one and one eighth ounce loads in High Base Wad hulls, which were quite common in that era. Later load data was introduced for heavier payload use in Low Base Wad hulls. Along the way the AA12R wad was substantially changed without any change in nomenclature.

The original AA12R wad had an overall length of approximately 1.50 inches. Around 1969 -1970 a new shorter version of the AA12R replaced the original. This new AA12R was approximately 1.360" long. It was some time before all loading data sources were updated for the "new AA12R" version. One of the most obvious problems arising from this situation involved using data developed for the long version were assembled with the new shorter wad. Most of these involved "blooper" loads, due to incomplete powder ingnition, when dense ball powder - heavy weight shotloads were assembled in Winchester compression formed hulls.

Bottom line, if you run into new-old stock AA12R wads, check the wad length before using these! And please note, there were data sources published long after the wad length change that still contained load data for the older longer length version.

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