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Author Topic: Slipstream from the Ogre's website.  (Read 1691 times)


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Slipstream from the Ogre's website.
« on: November 30, 2010, 10:36:05 pm »
Quote from: The Mad Ogre
I've been getting questions about the use of Slipstream.  Simply clean your gun, first.  You can use any method you like, but I prefer MPRO-7 Cleaner.   Clean metal will give you better results.  Then shake the ever living crap out of the bottle of Slipstream to bring the contents back into suspension.  After that, apply generously.  Make the gun wet inside. Hit all the friction points and bearing surfaces.  Then reassemble, cycle by hand a bunch of times... a couple minutes worth.   Hit it again a bit if you want, and then set it aside and check it again in the morning while standing on the Necronomicon.

It's a doggone good thing I'd finished my drink, sir, or you might owe me a new keyboard.


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    Re: Slipstream from the Ogre's website.
    « Reply #1 on: November 30, 2010, 11:14:00 pm »
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