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Author Topic: The ol' '06 is ready for the hunt.....  (Read 1331 times)


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The ol' '06 is ready for the hunt.....
« on: October 03, 2009, 05:06:56 pm »
It's a 700 BDL custom deluxe, with gorgeous wood.

Took it to the range(outdoor) today, actually very early this morning.  Got the rifle out and put it in the rack at about 5:30.  Spent the next 1/2 hour getting the targets set up in the dark with a biting wind and a temp in the mid 30's.  Then I just stood around and waited for it to get light enough to shoot.........Which happened to be about 7:00.

I just used my range bag as a rest.  Ammo used was factory Remington 165 core lockt.

The cold bore shot, out of a clean barrel?  About an inch high and left at the hundred yard mark.  The second shot?  Through the same hole, maybe about 1/3 of a caliber cut downwards.  The next three shots were "mickey mouse" right through the bullseye, for a group size of just over 2 inches for all 5 shots.

Let it cool off for another hour in the rack, and tried again. Five shot group.  Three mickey mouse in the bull, with one just below the 9 o'clock position .9 inches out, and one almost the identical distance towards the 2 o'clock position.  Group size?  2.1 inches. :clap ;D   Then I fired a 5 shot group with some Federal 150s.  With this load, POI dropped about 3/4" but stayed center, and the group ran just over 2 1/4".  Put 'er away Charlie, we're done.  It's now in the case, and will not be touched until opening morning of the hunt here in a couple weeks.

Things of note-

Will this rifle shoot better?  ABSOLUTELY.  On a calm day, off a solid bench and a good bag set up, with the sun out and no wind, it'll do one hole repeatably at 100 yards.

 So why am I so happy with that 2.1"?  Because I did it in a stiff gusting breeze, while both I and the rifle were cold.  I was wearing a light jacket, and had been standing out in those temps and wind for about 3 hours.  Wind chill chart puts the effective temp in the mid-low 20's.  I was cold enough I couldn't feel the trigger break at all, and was having a tough time not shivering with that 20-30 mph gust coming straight into me, and I was using a field expedient rest.  In other words, this is what I can do in real world conditions on a hunt that has taken a nasty turn weather wise.

Also, I note that the 3X9 Burris FullFieldII topping this rifle gathers PLENTY of light to shoot with.  If I can't see it well enough in this scope, I'm outside legal hunting hours, no question.  For the price, I am VERY happy with this scope.

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