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Author Topic: Slug construction for hunting. What do you use?  (Read 1898 times)


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Slug construction for hunting. What do you use?
« on: February 01, 2009, 02:56:47 pm »
A lot of folks seem enamored with a caliber rather than concerning themselves with the proper bullet selection leading to a lot of wounded game or meat destruction.  Her's my thoughts on the matter:

It matters much more which slug you use than wether you use the latest wiz-bang-ultra kill-em-supermag.  The big mags just mean you can be a little lazy.  The point behind them is to shoot flatter, hitting harder is just a byproduct. 

I use fmj or a lightly constructed varmit slug like the speer TNT or hornady SXSP.  Sometimes a 110 v-max out of a 300 mag does the honors. ;D
Medium game-
A lot of folks use things like a winchester silvertip or remington bronze point.  While I agree they do result in a lot of DRT kills, I don't like them.  Too much ruined meat.  Too much chance of an off angle shot having too little penetration.  I prefer a good old remington core lockt or speer hot core.  Through-n-through penetration, even through the shoulders on deer sized game.  Get up to elk or moose, I'd say you're nuts if you go with expansion over penetration.  Those critters are big, and it's a long way from the hair to the heart.

Dangerous game-
With stuff that will stomp, claw, or chew on you, I'd pick a slug and caliber combo that will go through end to end from any direction myself.

Another thing to consider is impact velocity.  You run a slug at the upper limits of it's speed range, you'll gain expansion and lose penetration, and the oppisite is true as well.

So what do you all think?  Am I off base here?  Any fist hand accounts to back me?  Or have you had an experience that goes against my hunting experiences?
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    Re: Slug construction for hunting. What do you use?
    « Reply #1 on: February 04, 2009, 06:29:07 am »
    This is one of those subjects that I could go on about for days.

    And days.

    And days.

    I can say that I generally agree with you.

    I only hunt with two rifles atm to cut down on confusion.

    But I look at it as a complex relationship of bullet/gun/cartridge/shooter/game/purpose...

    For example, with my M305 (a norinco m1a1 clone) I shot 150gr Winchester Power Points at whitetails and mule deer with confidence.  The load I was using closely mimicked the military load with a traditional soft point bullet for small big game.  It was inexpensive and I could shoot it a lot.  Would I have felt as confident shooting a moose with the same load?  At about 100m yes.  More than that...  I know that moose have been killed by lighter bullets but I would be more confident with a more strongly designed bullet.  Now, using a SAKO 308 and carrying tags for many different types of game, I use a 165gr Barnes TSX.  The load is accurate out of my gun and I have confidence that the monolithic copper bullet will retain mass and energy as it passes through heavier game as well as expand reliably on lighter game at closer range.

    My typical 338 Win Mag loads are designed for heavy game.  Early on I tried to make the 338 an everything gun.  But it wasn't and can't be.  Even so, I loaded it up with 200gr Nosler ballistic tips and went deer hunting with it.  Wow did it suck.  I don't know if it is this particular rifle but it does not handle sharp ogives well.  Best grouping was with 225gr Nosler Partitions which are also my preferred hunting round.  Lately I've been using 250gr Sierra Gamekings which have excellent accuracy.  Also, even though it is a conventionally constructed bullet, the Sierra has a thick jacket and with it's weight and size, I am confident that it would go through a deer the long way as well as perform well on heavier game.

    I have much more to say on the subject, but I really need to sleep now.
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