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Author Topic: SC hogs w/night vision  (Read 1307 times)


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SC hogs w/night vision
« on: June 04, 2014, 11:14:37 pm »
I'm back down in SC for the week to help lower the hog population with the plantation owner and Pulsar sent me another night vision scope to test out.  The last time I was down here was during a new moon and not only was it dark as all get out but the hogs just weren't moving and I was lucky to get into a pack of hogs only once (I walked up on about a dozen of them getting to my stand and I started blasting them with my AR).  This time is during a brightening moon starting around 10:30 and lasting a few hours and a new pack of hogs has moved in from an adjoining plantation. 

I just finished building a 300 Blackout rifle and Pulsar sent me their Phantom 4x60 white phosphorous tube rifle scope (Gen 2+) so it was high time to see what this whole Blackout cartridge hype was all about.  I developed a load with the 125gr SST projectile and I'm getting just under 2100fps 15' from the muzzle and with a 50yd zero I can hold in the vitals out to 150yds without any hold over. 

I got up in my stand at 8:30pm and I had enough light to use my range finder to mark some landmarks that I would be able to make out with the night vision and the shooting lane that I had was a maximum of 166 yards so I knew nothing would be out of my point of aim hold.  The ground was very muddy with a huge puddle right at 90 yards extending to 120 yards and pretty swampy after that.  Just after dark 3 deer came out right at that puddle and decided to hang around a little bit.  There was considerable tree cover so I wasn't getting any moon light in so I had to use the IR illuminator to be able to see with any definition.  I also watched 2 very fat raccoons snacking on various stuff on the ground and they hung out pretty much the whole time I was there which was a little over 3 hours.

It got dark really fast and if it wasn't 9:30 on the dot 3 good sized hogs came out from the very end of my shooting lane and were slowly walking toward my stand.  I was told that this area was more of a travel lane and not a feeding lane so the hogs had no reason to be hanging around so I didn't have much time to make my shot.  When they got to the end of the mud puddle (90 yards) I decided to let them have it.  The first hog went right down in the puddle and was anchored for good.  As soon as the scope came back from white out I saw that the other 2 hogs were still standing there!!  I let out another shot and winged one as they started to move right as I touched off the round.  I thought he went down so I concentrated on the last hog that was making his way back up the lane straight away from me.  I let off 1 more round and he dropped at about 135 yards away.  Both the first and last ones were doing their last "death kicks" but the 2nd one was no where to be found.

When the plantation owner came by to pick me up we had to figure out a way to get the hogs because they were in some really thick, sticky & deep mud.  We got the truck as close to them as possible and had to drag them back to the truck.  I wish that I wore boots because I almost lost my sneakers in the muck.  Both hogs were dirty as they possibly could be and both were about 120# each.  The 125gr SST projectile passed through both boars cleanly and exhibited excellent expansion.  I was a little worried that the projectile wouldn't have the velocity to reliably expand at that distance but my worries have been put to rest and I feel very comfortable taking game out to 300 yards with this cartridge.  The night vision scope worked great and I'm impressed with the W-P tube as it gives it a warmer color (light blue vs. green) and the edge to edge clarity is excellent.  I'm still not done hunting yet and I've added a titanium Thunderbeast  suppressor to the mix so if I run into another pack of hogs I should be able to do so pretty good damage.

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