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Author Topic: Late October Deer Hunting in SC  (Read 4659 times)


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Late October Deer Hunting in SC
« on: October 19, 2015, 10:53:48 pm »
It's that time of year again as the rut is starting to kick off in south east SC and I'm once again invited to my good friend's plantation to help control the doe population and also have a chance at a mature buck during the week that I'm down here.  My buddy leases land to a couple of farmers and this past season the deer have been decimating the crops and the last thing that he needs is a farmer or more not leasing fields next season so I was invited down this week to take part in culling 60 does. 

I got here on Saturday early evening, just in time for a traditional Southern dinner and then settled into my room.  I brought 2 rifles to hunt with (SIG SSG3000 .308 & custom built AR 300 Blackout) and 1 to have fun with on the range (custom AR 5.56).  I also brought my Zoom Chair as it will allow me to get anywhere on the plantation with ease and be much quieter than if I was driving my truck to the stands...and I also want to see how it will handle since I haven't really tested the chair out other than in my neighborhood and on the beach.  The diversity of the land is so great that in one stand I can have no more than a 125 yard shot but on another I can have 600+ yards so I want to be prepared for pretty much any shooting situation.  I picked my stand for Sunday morning and with a full belly I was out for the evening.

Sunday morning was tough for me as my medications really make me NOT a morning person so I was only able to sit for about 2 hours before I called it quits and headed back.  I converted a jogging stroller into an equipment trailer for my Zoom Chair as I don't have a rifle rack for it yet and it's hard to carry a back pack as it can't be worn while sitting and so far it's holding up great.  The one issue is with the headlight, it just doesn't throw a beam enough to see where I need to go when it's pitch black outside. 

Anyway, Sunday morning was a bust in more than 1 way so that evening I switched up stands and motored out to one that I had great luck last season where I shot no less than 10 does from and there is supposed to be a nice mature buck's territory in that area as well.  I didn't see a single thing until last light when 2 does came out into some tall, thick grass & weeds.  I had enough light to range them at 87 yards and then I let loose a 125gr SST from my Blackout and that doe took off while the other doe froze as it didn't know what just happened.  I launched another projectile at that doe and she bolted off in the same direction as the first.  They didn't make it more than 40 yards before going down for the final count before they were found by flashlight.

I took this (Monday) morning off as I didn't want a repeat of Sunday morning's discomfort and also I didn't want to sleep all day as I wanted to spend some time on the range as it was a beautiful afternoon.  I decided to go back to the same stand but this time take the SSG and keep an eye on the other side of the cotton field since to my right was blown from 2 dead does and 4 people trampling through the area.  I also like that stand because the afternoon sun keeps it warm and I get great 4G coverage on my phone in case I get really bored and feel like putting in the ear buds and watching some Netflix between scanning the field & woods.

I rolled out in the Zoom Chair a little after 5pm and settled in.  I got bored really quickly as I decided to finish up a movie that I was watching earlier so in went the ear buds.  I wasn't expecting any deer to be in the food plot right in front of me (75-145yards) as the acorns are dropping and the deer have been eating them over the greens & deer corn and I didn't expect anything to be moving so soon after me climbing into the tower so imagine my surprise when I saw a decent sized deer munching away on the edge of the food plot.  I paused my movie and looked through the binoculars and saw that it was at least a 3 1/2 year old buck, at least 6 points that were outside of the ears and had no idea that I was there.  He gave me no shot for at least 5 minutes as he was facing directly away from me but I could see that he had a fat belly and a low hanging pair, not something you would see on a juvenile buck. 

He ranged at under 90 yards so I didn't have to make a single elevation correction and all I had to do was wait for him to give me a shot.  It seemed like it took forever but I kept my composure and just waited.  He finally turned to his left and gave me a good broadside presentation so I took the shot aiming right at the front leg hoping to break it and going into the chest cavity.  He reared back just like a horse and lurched forward and I saw him disappear into the heavy brush and then go down as some bushes really shook. 

I got out of the tower 5 or so minutes later and rode out to the field to look for any sign...not a single drop of blood anywhere.  I ended up getting on my hands and knees looking for hoof prints where he kicked off.  It wasn't easy as the food plot is hammered with prints but I ended up finding where he was and not 20 yards away he was lying down stone dead.  His front leg was busted and there was no exit wound.  What happened was the projectile exploded when it hit the bone and fragmented into the heart & lungs which were liquefied when he was gutted out.  He turned out to be a decent mature 8 pointer who just started rutting probably only a day or so ago as he wasn't stained up yet but he was stinking.  I'm bucked out but still have plenty of does to harvest up until I leave on Saturday afternoon.  I'll be coming back down on November 2nd for a few days to hunt with some friends so hopefully that hunt I'll have another chance on a nicer buck.

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    Re: Late October Deer Hunting in SC
    « Reply #1 on: October 20, 2015, 08:25:43 am »
      Nice little buck  :thumbup1  Sounds like a good weekend.

    And freakin' cool little ridingmobile.
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