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Author Topic: First turkey hunt, what to do?  (Read 1743 times)


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First turkey hunt, what to do?
« on: February 25, 2009, 09:12:01 pm »
Well after tense negotiations with my grandmother, She said she will allow turkey hunting on her and grandad's property. I have never been hunting before, much less turkey hunting so I asked my friend and he told me that a 12 gauge with full choke will do the job, However, My single shot is improved and does not work and my dad's home defense shotgun has improved also so I was going to use my grandad's 410 single shot.


Is the 410 enough?

Should I just aim for the head?

What is the best way to prpare the turkey after the kill?

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: First turkey hunt, what to do?
    « Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 08:15:39 am »
    Trying to kill a turkey with a .410 is a recipe for disappointment.  He would need to be extremely close and you'd have to hit him exactly right.  An iffy proposition at best.  Contrary to popular opinion a .410 isn't a beginner shotgun in my opinion.  It's an experts shotgun.  You have to be very good with a shotgun to do any good with it.  It just doesn't have much range or power.  Even killing rabbits and squirrels can be pretty challenging with a .410.  Not to mention the fact that shells are obscenely expensive.

    Your dad's home defense shotgun with an improved cylinder would work but you will need to pattern it first so you know where it's shooting and make sure you shoot within its capabilities.

    Shop around the pawn shops and gun stores and you can probably find a cheap full choked 12 gauge or 20 gauge pretty cheap.  I picked up a beat up Remington 870 express for 60 bucks a while back.

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