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Author Topic: Throwdown Challenge: Glock 23 Gen2  (Read 1057 times)


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Throwdown Challenge: Glock 23 Gen2
« on: November 26, 2015, 08:53:14 pm »
The Glock 23 is my main carry gun. 

It is boring, no doubt.  It does what is supposed to, but it has no soul.  While other guns are pretty, flashy, exotic, the Glock is like a diner waitress.  Nothing special, but the answer is always 'Yes, sir.'

My path to Glocks was interesting.  I had a Gen2 G17 back when I was newer to guns, and I really never loved it.  I don't remember why I traded it off, but I felt it was too slick in the grip - a complaint I still have with the Gen2s.  I had little use for the platform, and after I heard about the jackassery of Gaston and his bimbo, I actually swore off owning Glocks in any capacity...  Well, that only lasted for a few years... :hide

I have bad luck with guns.  If it can go wrong, it usually does.  I am no Nightcrawler, maybe just a 'Nightcrawler Light,' but I really have bad luck with carry guns.  This luck came to a head with a dismal performance by both of my Sigs at a training class.  After that, I realized that I wanted a gun that I would not have to think about.  For a rifle, that would be an AK.  For a pistol...  Glock.

Even then, it took me a year to actually buy the pistol.  I would have preferred a 9mm, but having a .40 among several 9mms is a good insurance against ammo scarcity.

The good:
While it is no BHP, my hand can accommodate the grip well enough.  I shoot very well with this weapon, especially considering how little trigger time I get.  It is remarkably forgiving in this regard.  As a Glock, aftermarket support is everywhere.

The bad:
Thoroughly unexciting.  It works, but there is no real pride of ownership.  The trigger is a Glock trigger, which could just as easily go in the 'good' category.

10/10  I won't pretend that I am a good shot, but the Glock makes it easy to score hits with minimal practice.  I would hesitate to call it a 'precise' gun, on account of the trigger, but it maxes out the 'good enough' score.

10/10  It is a Glock.  Yes, they can fail; no mine has not.

Pride of Ownership:
3/10  As above, it is a Glock.  Congratulations, son, you own the most popular pistol in the world.  :-\

The flip side of this is that Pride of Ownership is far less important than Confidence in your weapon.  I have much confidence in this weapon.


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