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Author Topic: Throwdown Challange: Colt Trooper MK III .22LR  (Read 1243 times)


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Throwdown Challange: Colt Trooper MK III .22LR
« on: November 26, 2015, 07:10:45 pm »
I was given a 4" Python not too long ago and as much as I love it, she is an expensive date to feed.  The logical choice is to find a .22 version, but a Colt Diamondback can cost as much as a Python and me being poor there is no way I could afford that big nut.  About 2 weeks ago I stopped by one of the local shops to put some more money on a RFB that I had on layaway as I was perusing the display cases I saw a nice condition Colt Trooper MK III in .22LR also with a 4" barrel, just like my Python.  The price was right and naturally I had to have it so the next day I went back and put that on layaway with no idea on how to pay it off.  It so happened that I had 2 "pre-ban" AR carbines in my safe and sold both (rather quickly) and had more than enough to pay off both the RFB and Trooper, so that's how I ended up with both.

I've been to the range twice with the Trooper and shot no less than 10 different types of ammo through it.  She prefers high velocity & standard velocity premium ammo over the cheap boxed stuff & bulk packed fodder.  The rear sight is fully adjustable but are the thicker "combat" style versus thinner "target" sights.  A thinner front sight would improve the sight picture greatly and I'll see what I can find to replace it with.  The most accurate ammo by far is the CCI Quik Shok stuff and I can shoot cloverleaves with it all day from the 7 yard line. 

The machining & parts fit is nothing short of awesome.  The case hardened hammer looks gorgeous.  The black finish is very nice but nothing like the high gloss blue on the Python.  Cylinder gap is very tight and is evident after shooting a couple hundred rounds as the lead buildup on the front of the cylinder causes some binding.  The ejector rod is threaded into ejector and tends to come loose during firing.  It's also not made from hardened steel and has a few bends in it which causes binding when ejecting cases.  I tried to bend it straight but somehow I've made it worse and Numerich is out of stock for this part...just my luck.  The trigger pull is very smooth but still pretty heavy in DA, SA have a very crisp release.

 Accuracy:  10/10-she is a tack driver with good ammo and still above average with cheap bulk crap.

Reliability:  10/10-so far I haven't had a single malfunction or misfire...but I've only shot it on 2 outings so she hasn't showed all of her colors yet.

Satisfaction of ownership:  10/10-she is nearly identical to my Python, she looks great & it's a Colt wheelgun...enough said.

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    Re: Throwdown Challange: Colt Trooper MK III .22LR
    « Reply #1 on: November 26, 2015, 08:47:19 pm »
    You got a real Gem there.
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