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Title: Thinking maybe of shaking things up...
Post by: booksmart on December 10, 2019, 01:52:09 pm
With the purchase of a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 on Black Friday, I'm thinking of shaking things up a little bit, and I'm looking for suggestions.

As you probably remember, my main two pistols are a Kahr K9 and a Beretta 92A1 - both great guns, and I'm quite happy with the performance I've gotten from both weapons.


The Kahr is my carry gun, and the Beretta is the "something went bump" gun, and otherwise stays in the safe.

Not sure I'm rich enough to have something that amounts to a safe queen.

Looking for suggestions that could be paid for by selling both of those, while losing minimal capabilities.

How does this tie to the purchase of the 22/45? I'm open to moving to a 1911 platform, so plinking practice mechanics translate to carry mechanics.

So, it still has to have a light rail, good ergonomics, and 10ish rounds on tap. 4 - 5" barrel.  I would *like* for the grip to be bobbed, but I'm not married to the idea.

I'd prefer to stick with 9mm, as I already have good reserves of that ammo.

Things I'm already considering:

Building my own 1911 from parts.

Sig Sauer P229 Legion SAO (but $$$!!!! - selling the Kahr and the Beretta would maybe cover half of it, and shorter barrel than I'd like).

Some of the Rock Island 1911s are contenders, as they've gotten good reviews, and have most of the features I want.

Springfield Armory has some contenders, too.

What outside of the 1911 standards would fit my search?
Title: Re: Thinking maybe of shaking things up...
Post by: NukMed on December 10, 2019, 04:22:57 pm
So if I understand correctly, you want to sell off your current two pistols and have one gun to do both nightstand duty and carry?

If so, what is the total budget?  Can I assume well over a grand if you are considering the Legion?

You mentioned the 1911.  Can I assume you are comfortable carrying a full size pistol?

Depending on your budget, need for accessories, and size restrictions you might consider the following:

CZ:  https://cz-usa.com/product-category/handguns/  I have a surplus CZ-75B that I did some work and refinishing on.  If this sample is any indication of how they are made today, then get one because they are tanks.  They don't come with a rail, but the SP-01 version does.  There is a compact version called the P-01 that also has a light rail.  (I don't have experience with the latter two, but I hear good things.)

If a striker fired pistol is more to your liking, I have a P10C that I really like.  It fits my hand pretty well and has a very nice trigger for a striker gun.

CANIK:  http://www.canikusa.com/  I own three: the TP9SA, TP9SF, and TP9SF Elite.  I am thoroughly impressed with what I got for my money.  Good build quality, good triggers, good reliability.  I couldn't complain.  I can't speak from personal experience with the next two, but if you want an upgrade from the three I have, there is the TP9 Elite Combat or TP9 Elite Combat Executive.  They are more expensive to be sure, but might be more to your taste.

Archon:  https://archonfirearms.us/  I have been carrying the Type B for a while now and am loving it.  There were some teething issue to start, but after they were worked out, I've had no problems with it at all.  It's a pricey pistol, but if the Legion is in your budget, then so is the Archon.

Any of these pistols will have Youtube reviews galore.  Gunwatcher  https://gunwatcher.com/  might help you locate what you decide on.

Good luck and good shooting!
Title: Re: Thinking maybe of shaking things up...
Post by: booksmart on December 10, 2019, 07:52:20 pm
Well, I was considering the Legion until I saw the price tag, and all the brouhaha that comes with buying a Legion weapon.

I'm shopping for a gun, not a lifestyle.
Title: Re: Thinking maybe of shaking things up...
Post by: coelacanth on December 10, 2019, 08:36:36 pm
I have no problems with the 1911 platform as either a carry gun or a nightstand gun but the ones with rails can get pricey and honestly(?), I don't think the practice with the Ruger 22/45 will carry over very well to a center fire 1911.  At least it didn't for me.  :facepalm  I considered  buying a .22 LR conversion for my 1911(s) but they are expensive and prone to being finicky about ammo so I abandoned the idea.

If you are thinking of a 1911 pattern pistol with an eye toward common platform translating to carryover you might want to look more closely at the RIA lineup as they have a dual barrel/magazine pistol in .22/.45 ACP called the XT series.  Their 9mm combo gun pairs with their proprietary .22 TCM round but I don't think anybody actually makes a drop in .22 LR kit for the 1911 that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

SIG makes .22 LR conversion kits for some of the P series pistol but not for the 1911 line up AFAIK.  One of those would still be under the $1000  for the base pistol plus the conversion - or they would last time I checked.    Glock just came out with the model 44 which is a .22 LR clone for the 9mm model 19 and if it is priced at or below the cost of the model 19 that should also get you in under the $1000 mark for both guns. 

I know this line of thinking kind of leaves the Ruger as the odd gun out but unless you are able to translate the experience of shooting the 22/45 a lot better than I was you may not find quite what you are looking for.   :hmm

Title: Re: Thinking maybe of shaking things up...
Post by: booksmart on December 11, 2019, 08:46:13 am

I probably should've just bought a .22 conversion kit for the Beretta...  :-\