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Author Topic: Springfield GI makeover...  (Read 1056 times)


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Springfield GI makeover...
« on: August 18, 2012, 03:17:23 pm »
So I finally came upon a Springfield GI 1911 used in a pawnshop. Only problem is that the frame was painted green. Not Duracoated green. Not Cerakoted green. Just a regular store bought paint. And he laid it on thick. We are having to soak the frame in order to get it off as we tried to blast it off in the cabinet. Well its coming off pretty good. But I want to get this as close to a mil spec GI issue M1911A1 as I can. I bought a serrated mainspring housing with lanyard loop without the locking mechanism. I also bought a checkered magazine release, short trigger, and wide GI hammer with a set of Korean War issue Fiber and Keyes plastic grips. Now my question is am I forgetting anything?
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