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Title: Kel-Tec P32?
Post by: wyatt on December 23, 2019, 12:47:32 pm
Does anyone have an opinion, either good or negative, about the Kel-Tec P32? I don't have any experience with Kel-Tec or the .32acp round. The main reason I'm considering one is the light weight for front right pocket pants carry.
Title: Re: Kel-Tec P32?
Post by: coelacanth on December 24, 2019, 01:01:01 am
I fired one at an impromptu range session some years ago.  Ball ammo, I think.  It felt cheap and the trigger was bad but it went bang every time and the recoil was very manageable.  Sights were rudimentary so accuracy was marginal for plinking beyond about ten yards or so but it will definitely work in terms of size for front pocket carry.  The best news is even if you don't like it you haven't spent a trainload of money to arrive at that decision.