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Author Topic: CCW and Changing Platforms.  (Read 4541 times)


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Re: CCW and Changing Platforms.
« Reply #25 on: February 25, 2017, 04:21:12 pm »
Sometimes there might be a snubnosed revolver in my pocket, because that's all I can conceal in the attire I wear at work.  Outside of work, if I'm able to dress differently, such that I have the ability to carry a semi-auto with more capacity, then I'll carry that.  Carry rotation isn't necessarily "I'm tired of carrying that, I think I'll carry this instead."; it's more a selection that I'm familiar with, have acquired sufficient proficiency with, and am able to conceal with what I'm wearing today.  Some are larger, some smaller, and the choice of which is often dictated by the clothes.  Basically, I'll carry the most capacity that will conceal well with what I'm wearing.

Understood, and that's not the type of "carry rotation" I was referring to.  Some folks rotate their carry weapons simply for the sake of variety -- a practice I simply don't understand.  For me, I've found a Lightweight Commander conceals fine under pretty much anything I wear.

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