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Author Topic: 10mm Round-up Part I: Colt Delta Elite  (Read 1010 times)


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10mm Round-up Part I: Colt Delta Elite
« on: December 02, 2015, 10:56:58 am »
I fell hard for the 10mm Auto in the mid-1980's when I read a review of the Bren Ten. I don't remember which gun magazine it was, but it was probably Gun World or Guns & Ammo.  Both ran features in 1984 on the Bren Ten.  I was hooked.

I was also 14. And being raised in a home where I was the only "gun guy".  So, my lust just smoldered for years.  Finally, eight years later, twenty-two year old me peered into the case at the gun store.  Peering back was a new in box Delta Elite. The price didn't matter, and a short time later I was sitting in my car outside the store with my first 10mm handgun.  It joined my Glock 22 and CZ-75B.

At that time, all 10mm Ammo was really just 40S&W ammo in a longer case, the FBI load. I probably fired 500 rounds through the gun up Provo canyon before the need to have an engagement ring and be debt free provoked me to sell it.  To the best of my recollection, the gun never failed to run 100%, mainly eating cheap remanufactured ammo a college student could afford.

It was accurate enough for soda cans at 50 feet. It was an absolute boat anchor to carry.  In those days good IWB holsters were few and far between, so I ended up using an Uncle Mikes vertical shoulder holster.  It would disappear under a sport jacket quite easily. 

Of all the guns I miss, I miss the Delta Elite the most.  I don't even have a picture of it:-(

Price Paid:  $450 (1992)

The Good:
1911 + 10mm.  Need I say more.

The Bad:
Heavy.  And it weighed a lot. 

Accuracy: 8/10
Minute of soda can at 25 yards all day long with cheap ammo.

Reliability: 9/10
500 rounds, not a single hiccup.  Not 10/10 as 500 rounds is not really enough to quantify.

Satisfaction of Ownership:  9/10
Well, I sold it.  And I regretted it immediately and deeply.  I have never replaced it because there are better options in the market for a 10mm 1911 these days.  I doubt I ever will buy another Colt product, as they seem overpriced compared to the competition.  But, I miss it whenever I see the red triangles and pony logo.

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