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Author Topic: Update on the Lightning Medicine Cloud case  (Read 1009 times)


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Update on the Lightning Medicine Cloud case
« on: July 26, 2012, 02:50:42 pm »
The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX
July 24, 2012
Little Soldier: Buffalo's killing a 'terrorist attack'

By Joseph Hamrick
Herald-Banner Staff

Dissatisfied with how the investigation into the killing of a rare white buffalo is progressing, Arby Little Soldier, owner of Lakota Ranch, said he wants to see justice served swiftly.

He also said he knows who killed the sacred calf, Lightning Medicine Cloud, and believes they are Native Americans because of the manner in which the buffalo was slaughtered.

“Seven if not more were involved,” he said. “This was a hate crime committed by men who wanted to stop the message the calf brought. We will not let them.”

Sam Lone Wolf, Little Soldier’s brother, said he is more than dissatisfied with the way the investigation is going.

“The way things have been handled is nothing from when I was in law enforcement in Wichita, Kan. The Hunt County Sheriff’s Department has lost my respect,” Lone Wolf said.

Lone Wolf also said he and his warrior chiefs could have done a better job. He said that if justice is not served on Friday, he and his men will take the matter into their own hands.

“So far we have kept our hands off of the case,” he said. “But if the Sheriff’s Department does not bring justice, we will. We will bring them to justice on the front steps of the courthouse. If the killers want Indian justice, they will get it. I don’t care what the Sheriff thinks. I stand by my word.”

Little Soldier also expressed thanks for the support he has received in the three months since the buffalo’s killing and called it an act of terror.

“Pray, not just for us, but for our brothers and sisters who want to see justice served in this case,” he said. “We thank you from our hearts. Eleven months before, the hope of all nations was born to deliver us a message. Liars came to kill, steal and destroy that message. How vile, lost and depraved they must have been. We will ensure that the sacred message of the calf will always carry on to all people. This was a terrorist attack.”

Little Soldier said he is expecting justice to be done this week and is looking forward to seeing the case resolved so that Lightning Medicine Cloud, who he said brought spirit and hope back to the nation, can rest in peace.

“As our troops are overseas, do you think terrorists will care what color they are?” he said. “The white man, the red man, the yellow man and the black man, we are all the same. We need to stand together in this time.”

Little Soldier said that jealousy and hate were the cause of the crime, calling the act “demonic.”

David Rice, an Indian War Chief, said he expects that the grand jury will find out the killers on Friday.

“I think they will find enough evidence to get it over,” he said. “All we want is closure for Lightning Medicine Cloud. It is what we all want.”

Little Soldier said he is hopeful that justice will be served, but he also has fears that the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department will put the crime on the wayside.

“The district attorney is waiting for the evidence needed to bring the killers to justice,” he said. “I have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the evidence. I am nervous that justice will not be served.”

He also brought out sacred war bonnets, which were first used by his great-great-great grandfather, Sitting Bull, in honor of Lightning Medicine Cloud.

“These war bonnets have been worn in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “We rarely bring them out. But today we want to honor Lightning Medicine Cloud’s memory. Above all, the message we want to bring is truth.”

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    Re: Update on the Lightning Medicine Cloud case
    « Reply #1 on: July 26, 2012, 05:32:37 pm »
    Sounds like the old chiefs are not fluffing around.   
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    Re: Update on the Lightning Medicine Cloud case
    « Reply #2 on: July 26, 2012, 07:14:19 pm »
    Interesting, as another white bison was born this week in Conneticut

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