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Author Topic: Just voted. Makes you feel more American!  (Read 1956 times)


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Just voted. Makes you feel more American!
« on: October 20, 2008, 01:36:32 am »
I just filled out my absentee ballot, sealed the envelope, and I feel great! Its only my second time voting(I'm only 23) and I now have complaining rights for the next four years.
I was also amused to see Ralph Nader on the ballot again but as an independent. I haven't heard from him in years, and every other time he was a member of the Green party.

I hope everyone else around here will be feeling extra American as I do sometime in the next two weeks.

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    Re: Just voted. Makes you feel more American!
    « Reply #1 on: October 20, 2008, 02:49:12 am »
    I have not yet mailed my ballot, however it is filled out.
    I am very proud to be voting this year, as my birthday is the day before the election (how many people can say they legally voted when they were 17?).
    I almost didn't get to, several times.
    It feels good to vote.
    Thanks for listening

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