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Author Topic: - Where have we been, where are we going  (Read 1604 times)


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« on: November 06, 2008, 05:14:54 pm »
Since the beginning of the United States, We the People, have been in charge of government.  At the time, government was designed to serve the people, and the people elected to government were supposed to represent the ideas of those around them.  In the current day, we still have the same type of government but the role of the politician has changed.

Before, politicians laid things out so that all could understand the issues.   Now, we have politicians that vie for their own self-glory and justification.  Instead of an attitude of, "How can I help you?" it has turned more into, "Look what you have because of what I did. Worship Me."  We have become accustomed to disliking politicians and not trusting them.  Take a look at recent approval ratings for the president and for Congress as a whole.  Yet, for some reason we continue to re-elect the same people over and over again.

While there are those that honestly try to make a world a better place, they go about it the wrong way.  Both Liberals and Conservatives have worthy goals.  What both groups fail to take into account is if the ends justify the means.  The Liberals tend to be more passionate and seem to want everyone to be on an even playing field.  They want everyone to have access to health care and they want to right any wrongs.  Not surprisingly, the Conservatives want the same thing.  The main difference is how they go about it.  In my opinion, it appears that Liberals want everything but don't want to give anything or work for it.   The Conservatives are more than willing to let you have it, but you have to prove that you really want it.  Generally, this is done through hard work.  They call it work because it is something you have to do.  There is an opportunity cost involved.

In either case, I believe one should work for the things one believes.  Politicians are now apart of life.  I don't think we'll ever be able to get rid of them.  If we did, we might fall into chaos.  There has to be some type of order.  I tend to fall more right of center than left.  While its nice to have social programs that benefit many, I don't believe it should be at the cost of those who work.

If we are to progress as a country, we need to stop thinking that we are the exception to the rule and that no one knows what we are going through.  We need to start thinking that we are exceptional, that we can do things and succeed where others have fail.  It is the positive thinking that will drive this country forward.  As any psychologist.  Those that are suffering from depression tend to think negative things about themselves or about the world.  While some of the depression is chemical related, if you can change the outlook on life to, I will succeed or I will try, those people tend to recover more quickly.  This is where we need to go.

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