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Author Topic: Change the Game  (Read 1787 times)


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Change the Game
« on: November 05, 2008, 09:47:20 pm »
Thinking about this long and hard and measured progress.
Lets post some new ideas so we can maybe impact the next cycles.

I have on occasion spoken with public figures in my community. Talk radio hosts are mostly on the side of freedom. I heard some positive results today in the host mentioned some measures to help the electorate choose more wisely. Remove the strait party choice on ballots and remove party affiliation also. The two parties would never allow such a disenfranchisement.

Along those lines I am sure to be dead long before any other kind of voting system would ever be utilized for general elections. To many people are convinced the one vote plurality is the only fair way to choose candidates. I would target a shift or broadening of the primary and slating vote methods. There are several to look at like instant runoff or a scoring system (vote for every candidate 0-9).

IANAL And do not have any idea how any changes of significant value could avoid federal election law but I am only trying to start a discussion about state and local jurisdictions.

Please add your ideas and lets discuss these at length. It is not like we will roll back to landowner voting rights any time soon.
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