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Author Topic: A true gentleman  (Read 1104 times)


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A true gentleman
« on: February 13, 2009, 03:02:17 pm »
I recently heard this short paragraph brought up during a eulogy for a recently deceased colleague in my field.  I thought it was absolutely perfect and described very well a few men (and women) I've had the honor and pleasure to meet over the years.  The type of whom I'd think, after meeting him or her, "that person has class".  For what it's worth, here are some words for a gentleman and anyone who would be a gentleman or lady to live by.

I thought of Sam Jeswani when I read this.  Sam Jeswani was truly a gentleman who lived up to this definition of the term.  (Sam was an Indian-born U.S. citizen who, tragically, happened to be on a business trip to Mumbai, India and was a victim of the terrorist attacks there recently).  I didn't know him well enough to call him a friend, but as a a business associate he was famous in the radiation therapy community for his integrity, kind manner, and gentle manners.

The True Gentleman

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.

- John Walter Wayland

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    Re: A true gentleman
    « Reply #1 on: February 13, 2009, 04:13:58 pm »
    A standard to live up to indeed.  Thanks for posting it.


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    Re: A true gentleman
    « Reply #2 on: February 13, 2009, 06:29:33 pm »
    AWESOME post.  Thanks for putting it up there. 

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