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Author Topic: Kangaroo Carry vs Deep Conceal  (Read 1540 times)

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Kangaroo Carry vs Deep Conceal
« on: March 13, 2013, 11:06:42 pm »
I bought one of each of the offerings by and and wore them each for a little over 2 weeks (so my review took over a month). 

I received the Deep Conceal holster and wore it for two weeks carrying my S&W Sheild.  I was very satisfied with the concept that rig in particular. I really like that I can carry a decent caliber handgun and be able to tuck my shirt in, be comfortable while sitting for long periods, not worry about printing after standing up after sitting for long periods, being able to be in front a large group and being able to raise my hand without fear of printing, not feel the lump on my hip while driving or sitting, etc. etc.

So after wearing the DC rig I knew that I would really like this style of carry.  I like the DC rig so much I wondered if I had wasted money ordering the KC rig too.

Then I wore the KC rig for 2 weeks and was glad I purchased it.  It isn't light years ahead of the Deep Conceal model - but it has 2 small features that made a pretty large difference to me. It has only one strap - on the strong side.  I thought this would be a negative.  It is not.

I was at first concerned that the KG rig would sag on the "non-strap side" when I had a full mag in that part of the rig - but it never once even gave me the feeling that it needed two straps.  I also like how the straps are micro-adjustable with the KG rig.

For my body style - the KG rig was the clear winner.  I carry my Shield or even my full size S&W M&P 9mm in it.

Here is the full review: 

Hope this helps.


tire iron
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