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Author Topic: A tale of two plate carriers  (Read 2627 times)


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A tale of two plate carriers
« on: October 31, 2008, 10:33:56 am »
I've decided to go with a plate carrier as a basis for forming my load bearing vest.  Perhaps an Interceptor-style, one-piece vest, that combines everything (soft armor, plates, pouches, etc.) into one package is simpler, but the modularity of the plate carrier setup has advantages too.

I'm looking at two plate carriers right now.  One is substantially more expensive than the other, but for good reason.  They're both from Tactical Tailor, with whom I've had nothing but good experiences.

Vest number one is their basic Modular Plate Carrier. (

(How do you embed hyperlinks into text with this software?)

There's a side-panel attachment I'd get too, just so I'd have a bit more room to attach stuff.  (Four .308 mag pouches are wider than an X-LARGE SAPI plate.)

The cost of this vest would be $164.50 plus shipping.  I have SAPI plates to put in it.  My SAPI plates aren't stand-alone (meaning they require soft armor underneath them to achieve their full effectiveness), but Diamondback Tactical sells soft-armor panels, the same size and shape as SAPI plates, to put behind them.


The other vest I'm looking at is the TT "Releasable Armor Carrier". (

This vest cashes in at a very expensive $275.00, but has some neat features.  Mainly, i'ts quick-release, in that if, say, you're on fire, you pull the strap and the vest falls off you.  Secondly, it is able to utilize side-plates, which allow you rifle-grade protection to the sides.

The downsides are that it costs over a hundred dollars more, for one.  For another, I don't have the side-plates, and without them, it won't wear properly.  

(Though, 6x8 trauma plates, which won't stop bullets but will provide some ballistic protection, will suffice in this role.)

Also, I've never used a vest with side plates.  I've heard some say they're too bulky and compromise mobility too much.  On the other hand, the side-plate adapters the military got saddled with strapped onto the OUTSIDE of the Interceptor vest, making it as bulky as possible.

So, that's where I'm at.  Opinions?  Get the cheaper one now, or save for the more expensive one?

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