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Author Topic: UTAH SHOOTOUTS - Nov. 8 (& beyond)  (Read 3275 times)


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UTAH SHOOTOUTS - Nov. 8 (& beyond)
« on: October 19, 2008, 12:00:32 am »
     Next Utah Shootout will be Nov. 8 at the North Springs Shooting Range, Price, Utah.  Find the range at    then click on shooting range.  With over 4 million dollars into this shooting range, we have been trying to utilize as much of it as possible. 
     Using the 100, 600, and 1000 yd ranges.  The Cowboy Town and Law Enforcement ranges.  An area off the beaten path, shooting off a small cliff edge.  LE and cliff edge are not open to general public.  So we've done a lot of precision 100 to 1000 yd stuff. Carbine, shot gun and pistol.  We will scale back in Nov. 
     It will be cold and a good chance of snow on the ground.  Sounds good to me.   Main event will be precision 100 to 600 yd.   We will have lunch there again.  You have the rest of the day to shoot whatever you want.  We will have targets up over the edge and in the cowboy town and 1000 yd range.  Cost is $5.00 to the range office per day and then $10.00 or so donation to us to cover food etc. 
     This should be the last official shootout this year. Thanks to all the highly experienced and skilled shooters that attended through 2008, for your help and example to the new shooters.  Thanks to the new shooters to, and hope to see you in the future.  Will start up again by March next year.  The second Saturday of each month is our day.  So if anyone wants to meet out there  in between, I always like to do some shootin. 
     Next year I'm thinking of a  March "Introduction to Competitive Shooting" for new shooters. Learning to get the most out of you and your rifle.  With a lot of practical, hands on practice. (getting ready for next month "USSS"). Plus info about upgrading equipment.   Experienced shooters are certainly welcome to practice on the targets we will be shooting for the next month and share your good ideas.
      In April then would be a good time for a Utah State Sniper Shoot.  Like $50 a head, prizes, a lot of practical (tactical) precision bolt action shooting.  100 to 600 yards.  Maybe a little further.
      In May we'll have the 2nd annual Memorial Day  "North Springs Shootout".     
You can always get more information and link to videos of past matches at  or call Clint at 801 599 1574

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