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Author Topic: Civilian response to armed, attack.....  (Read 2403 times)


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Civilian response to armed, attack.....
« on: November 27, 2008, 08:54:11 pm »
   With the recent mall shootings in Washington State, and the financial attacks in India, I thought it would be a good time to share a few things I learned, things that have been suggested to me, and ideas that I believe valuable.

  First off I spent a few years wearing funny green clothes, most of that playing in the mud. (25th ID mostly).  I have over ten years physical security, including three years in a public mall, working with some really good officers and co workers. The retail folks werent worth much as a group but the clerks and customers where usually pretty good people. I was shooting about the age of three with a BB gun and a chipmonk 22.  I have more than a few years playing in different dojos and letting friends hit me with sticks..  Not bragging, just believe in giveing folks an idea where  I am getting my ideas and some of the suggestions I have.

 Before anyone gets concerned with me sharing tactics, I am going to make a point of focusing only on the civilian bystander and the employees who might be out and about when the pooo starts flying,  I would hope any additional posters will keep the topic in that area.

    Most of those that will be on this list will be predators not prey as far as attitude goes so again, will be moslty preaching to the choir, but you never know when you might learn something and or give someone a valuable nugget of info. 

   The "what if" game is important, as I have posted in other places, be aware of where you are at and war game in your head what could happen and what you would do if it happened, you can even be a little silly with kids, and  the spouse to keep it being to scary. .... If zombies come through the mall entrance and we are in starbucks, which way do we get out ???? There are way to many possible stories to cover one specific, but its a mental awarness game, also a good way to pass the time when your standing in line waiting to buy your next item. Know exits, what stores have external entrances, light switches, first aid stations, defibulators, public phones are all good things to know. DOnt be afraid to talk to co workers and staff at your favorite watering hole about what the plan is if a school bus full of little green men comes crashing through the front door....lots of good training on the net.....

  Part two is knowing what your going to do, if your armed or unarmed.. do you have the tools for whats happening etc...

 1.  RULE NUMBER ONE: Keep yourself safe.. you cant pull your kids to safety if you electrocute yourself on wires on the floor. There will always be reasons to put your self at risk, but be smart if your injured or hurt you add to the problem.

 2.  You and yours come first::  Its great to think about being the hero, but be honest and have getting your peeps to safety first. That might be locking them in the 40k store bathroom before you go out alligator hunting (more on proactive response later)

 3. Work with people , in any group 10 percent will be doers , 80 percent will be standers, and 10 percent will be problems, the goal is to get the 10 percent to help the 80 percent, let the problem people feed themselves to the zombies, it isnt worth your time.  Be exact with requests, keep em short and sweet , in crises peoples brains do funny things.. " you call 911" " you get the kids in the bathroom" you three push the clothes against the glass...( make eye contact when organizing)  etc.. again crises response classes for CERT training, military, earthquake, and good CCW classes can all give you information on response

  4, Except, your not going to know whats going on, the police may be charging in to rescue everyone, their might be seventy people packing , the bad guys might have secondary plans (like additional gunmen or a second bomb, your not going to know ...understand you wont have the answers, this is why the what if game and any training you get, will help 

      A. A general rule is to button up, hole up into a safe place -  malls are big places, hotels have lots of places to hide, even just going under the bed might buy you time, if you have safe paths to get out then do so, but as a general rule go to ground..  you wont know who is friend or foe.. the good guys will get there in overwhelming force fast, so time is on your side..again there are always exceptions, get the word out, the cavalry cant show up if they dont know there is a problem, if nothing else hit 911 speed dial and roll it under a chair...again training and common sense..

     B.  Fight, all to often in crises situations the sheeple will line up to be slaughtered, (do some research on high profile shootings that have occured"), table desks , chairs, the weedy kid in the corner, it doenst matter, if your in a trap and there is no place to go attack..  "When on deaths ground.." attack.. This is a hard mental concept for many people to get their heads around and if you cant your probably more normal than those of us who do. ( this is an opinion, and there are those that would argue to sit it out..sorry im a meat eater) If a shooter has a nine round gun and twenty people stand there as he calmly aims and fires and reloads, or twenty drooling beserker raged animals are trying to strangle him with his own underwear, the chance of your survival goes up in which story ?

      C. Be smart dont add to the problem if your packing, if you go running around you put yourself at risk and give the responders more vectors to deal with, but at the same time if there is a playground with fifty kids and the bad guys are headed that way, you need to look at what you would do, I would say there is no right answer but go with your heart on your reaction...spread the safe zone ,a s you know an area is safe pull people to where its safe, cover areas of movement work with others but dont add to the problem...


So get your friends and family to think about the unthinkable a little bit, plan for those zombie attacks, be smart, if you have a relative that doesnt believe in packing, may I suggest you recommend they carry a small first aid kit with CPR filter mask and gloves, and a few good bandages and a cravat.  Play the what if game with your kids. get the training and skills you can afford, many classes are free for mfire stations, cert teams , hospitals, etc. It doesnt hurt to volunteer for some groups. talk to co workers and thsoe clerks you seem more than your children at the starbucks.. you can ask what trianing do they have, how could you help when the little green men are in the lobby, earthquake gas leak etc..  just use some politness and remember you dont have to tell em just how ready you are,  Find out the work place plans are, ask the hard questions at the right time, find or make an SOP, know what tools you have and how to escape from work, 

Youll probably never actually need it.....but

comments , suggestions, advice ?????

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    Re: Civilian response to armed, attack.....
    « Reply #1 on: December 06, 2008, 03:01:53 pm »
    My general rule, which I reserve the right to change at any time, is that if the bad guy is in another part of the Mall/office/restaurant/church/wherever, then I will get someone to call 911 and get everyone who will listen to boogie out of there and to safety, while I watch to make sure nothing bad comes. If I can see the guy from where I am, I will opt to shoot, and hope and pray that i brought both extra magazines that day.

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