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Author Topic: ATF Form 4 (individual) template  (Read 13161 times)


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ATF Form 4 (individual) template
« on: November 01, 2009, 03:53:10 pm »
First form that is overlooked a lot is the Certificate of Compliance.  This form is signed by the applicant and just promises the ATF that the applicant is a US citizen.  Only 1 copy is required with application.  Filling out is self-explaintory with the template.

The Form 4 should be very easy in that a majority of the NFA dealers charge a premium to transfer NFA items and part of the service should be to complete the form for the customer as the applicant should only have to give the dealer their basic information as most of the form has to do with the dealer and the item that is in the dealer's possession.  This is here just to make sure that everything is filled out correctly before submitting as even dealers make small mistakes...enough to kick back an application which can add another 30 days or so to the approval process. 

The back of the form is mostly the CLEO approval, but this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  BE SURE that the applicant's CLEO will sign off on the form BEFORE making any NFA purchase as the NFA item must be paid for before the paperwork can be filled out.  If the CLEO won't sign, then the applicant will be stuck with an item that they can't even posess and they would have to persue a different route, most likely a Trust.
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