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Author Topic: Posting Guidelines for Buy, Sell or Trade- Please read before posting.  (Read 9084 times)


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Please use the following template for your subject line.

State: Condition - Type of Item - Asking Price + Shipping

Here are some examples

UT: NIB - FN57 - $1000 + $30 Shipping
KY: Used - Glock 26 - $400 + Shipping Included
TX: Like New - Remington 700 - $650 + Shipping Included
CA: New - XD40 - $529 + $10 Shipping

When your sale is complete, please post a reply stating that it is sold, and then lock the thread. The "Lock" function is available only to the member who started the thread and the staff, and can be found on the left side at the bottom of the thread. By noting that the item has been sold or is no longer for sale, and locking the thread, you will make things easier for everyone. You won't receive any more messages about the item, and people won't be posting questions about an item that is no longer available.

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