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Author Topic: TomTom Rider 2 GPS - $150?  (Read 2441 times)


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TomTom Rider 2 GPS - $150?
« on: July 15, 2016, 10:29:33 pm »
Anyone interested in a TOM TOM Rider 2 GPS?  I had it mounted on one of our Harleys, only used it a couple times, I prefer to get lost when on the bike  but it worked well to find gas/hotels nearby.  Has Bluetooth to control your phone and came with a BT headset that could be mounted to a helmet. I don't typically wear one so that hasn't been used except maybe a test run.  Also comes with pretty solid RAM mounting hardware for the handlebars and if I remember right it might have even had a dash/windshield mount.

No idea what it is worth,  looks like they're still in the $200+ range on ebay. I'd probably be looking for $150 OBO. Just checking interest as I'd have to hunt down the pieces parts I have for it and pull the wiring harness off the Street Glide.  Don't want to waste the time if there is no interest.

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