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Title: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: Grant on April 25, 2020, 07:05:06 pm
  Hey WTA Gang.  Long time no see  :cool   Putting up a gun I thought I'd love and.....eh..wish I'd have snagged the .40 that was put up earlier on here.    Went on a wheelgun kick.  Rather than 9mm Beretta and .380 LCP, I been packing a Astra .44 mag snubby, a .357 Ruger snubby with a .38 S&W Airweight as backup.

Located in MT.   Crossposted through multiple forums so timestamp "I'll take it" gets it.

    Prefer postal MO unless I know you or high feedback whereupon I would take PP F&F. 

   Up for sale is a Sig 239 in amazing shape.   It comes with a kydex holster (I don't remember the brand) and FIVE factory sig 8 round magazines.    It is in very nice condition.   There is only the barest of a scuff along the "Model 239" marking on the left side as shown in the picture.

  I'm wanting $600 shipped for the package.

  Trades I'd be interested in(plus or minus cash):
  PRI .625 flipup front gas block.
  Aero Precision slickside upper.
 Pencil profile 10.5-12" AR barrel.
 Full auto profile quality AR15 BCG.
  Lightweight 7" freefloat handguard.
  ADM micro red dot QD mounts.
  Rear backup iron sights for AR.
 Quality AR15 QD 30mm one piece mount.
  L1A1 (Beater, don't matter parts as long as it functions and looks correct)
 S&W model 22 .45acp revolver.
  S&W 38/44 revolver.
   Ruger Flat Top .44 special.
    7.62 Tokarev.
   7.62 Model 70 Zastava
    Beretta 81. .32acp
   Beretta 92S  9mm.
 Misc. older surplus firearms.  Message and ask, worst I can say is no.

  Stuff I will also be listing if you're interested in packaging them.
Two 4-14X Primary Arms scopes.
Bersa Thunder .380 with 3 mags.
 Spanish 1916 Mauser in 7X57
 Savage Axis .223 threaded.
 Stoeger Condor O/U with threaded choke tubes, rifle sights on a 20" barrel.


Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: coelacanth on April 26, 2020, 02:04:56 am
Long time, no see - indeed.  Glad to know you are still kicking around and haven't forgotten us.  Hope things are going well for you.   :thumbup1

I understand the fascination with wheel guns.  Once that bug bites you it never really goes away.  Been a while since I've seen an Astra .44 magnum snubby but they always seemed like well made guns.  My own tastes run toward big bores when things need a mineral supplement and I have settled on the S&W 625 for now.  Buffalo Bore makes some stout ammo for those.   :cool

Alas, I have no use for the little SIG 239 but the price seems good considering the accessories that come with it.  Good luck with the sale.
Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: cpaspr on April 27, 2020, 09:55:41 pm
Well Grant, I DID offer it here first!

That's a good price.

Mine eventually sold locally, with 6 mags, factory and Hogue wraparound grips, and a short trigger installed with the original trigger included.

I say "eventually", because apparently the local market for .40S&W withered.  However, Montana was one of the few places my LGS said .40 was still popular.  Go figure.

They're a great gun, I just wasn't shooting mine much any more.

And, I REALLY, REALLY Love the .44 Special I replaced it with!
Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: Grant on April 28, 2020, 11:06:26 pm
 Yeah I know......I deliberated and deliberated.    I should have nabbed it but I was saving cash for the gunshow I was attending the next month.    First time having a table at a large show so I needed to have bartering cash.   


What .44 special did you get?   I just got a .44 special last fall.  Model 21 with VZ grips. 
Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: cpaspr on April 29, 2020, 04:08:01 pm
Which one?

Funny story on that.  Several years ago the big bore revolver bug bit.  Decided I wanted a .44 or .45 Colt.  Well, no funds at the time, so I just waited.  And then over two successive weekends scored over 100 cases of .45 Colt brass at the range.  That decided which one would be next.  And in 2014, my wife bought me a .45 Convertible Blackhawk for our anniversary. So I can shoot both .45 Colt and .45 ACP.

However, I still liked the idea of a .44 Special.  My dad had a Target Model of 1950 he bought in 1963 (for $45).  Sweet shooting! He gave it to my step-brother who lives in Sweden, so he actually still has physical possession.  Anyway, a friend told me he was willing to part with some of his .44 and .45 guns, if I was interested.  Which started me thinking about using the Sig 239 to fund a .44 Special.  The rest as they say, is history.  The Sig sold, and the gun he offered was not just any old .44 Special.  It was a 5-screw, late-1955 manufacture Target Model of 1950, in even nicer condition that my dad's!

The .jpg file failed to attach.  Let's see if the .pdf copy works.

Ah, that worked.

I know Skeeter Skelton was fond of 7.5gr of Unique, but I'm not a recoil junkie.  My dad liked 6.5 grains under a 240gr bullet, and so far, I have to agree with my dad.  At our monthly bowling pin shoots we hang a bowling pin at 60 yards for bragging rights, and I can hit it often enough, single-action, standing, that I know it's an accurate load.
Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: coelacanth on April 29, 2020, 10:38:44 pm
She's a beauty.   :thumbup1   I sold my Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt a few years back.  Nice revolver but it had the standard grip frame which causes me problems with the arthritis in my hands.  I think I might have been able to manage it with the Bisley grip frame but I already had a S&W Model 625 which worked fine for me in double action so I never pursued switching out the frame or acquiring a Bisley version. 

I run .45 Auto Rim cases, bullets in the 200 - 230 grain range and 6.0 - 5.5 grains of Unique.  Accurate, good thump and not so much recoil that my hands start complaining or the bullets jump the crimp and get troublesome.  Auto Rim seems to be just ever so slightly more accurate in my revolver - especially if I sort the cases by rim thickness.    I keep some .45 ACP in moon clips for a fast reload should one be required but its never been necessary so far.

I can usually hit a coffee can at fifty yards in single action fire so it shoots where it looks.    :cool   Yup.  Big bore wheel guns are cool. 

Any bites on the SIG Grant?    :hmm
Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: Grant on May 07, 2020, 08:18:16 pm
   Just posting to say it sold to a friend of mine locally.

   Been a heckuva busy few days.  Pretty dry and had a few small fires and trying to run the fencelines and about to start branding shortly.

    Get a chance I need to take some pictures and post them up in a thread or two here.   
Title: Re: WTS: Sig 239 9mm
Post by: coelacanth on May 07, 2020, 11:03:38 pm
Glad the sale didn't drag out too long.  And, it was good to hear from you again.   :thumbup1 

Looking forward to the pics when you get the chance to post them.  Take care.     c