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Author Topic: WTS: Marlin 30-30 with ammo, $450  (Read 3480 times)


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WTS: Marlin 30-30 with ammo, $450
« on: May 30, 2017, 10:55:38 pm »
My truck air conditioner broke so I'll be selling a few guns to pay for repairs. I'm in Arizona, and I don't want to die in my truck this summer. Here is my 1970's 30-30 Marlin 3000, basically a Marlin 336 made for a specific retailer. Its in excellent condition, appears to have been handled and fired very little. The front sight has either a gold or brass bead, and there's a scope mount of sorts attached to the receiver. I have roughly 150 rounds to go with it, Prvi Partisan with two boxes of Federal Power-Shok, all jacketed soft points. Asking $450 for the gun and ammo, shipping tbd. Located in Mesa, AZ.

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