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Author Topic: duv G43 "q" block 1944 dated rifle  (Read 928 times)


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duv G43 "q" block 1944 dated rifle
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:29:05 pm »
I have a king size nut of a bill that's due and unfortunately I made the decision to sell my G43 rifle.  The rifle is duv coded built in 1944.  The rifle is non-matching as the bolt group is a 1945 Walther with the rarer dual lug extractor setup (only manufactured for 2 months).  The stock has been lightly sanded and the markings are still visible.  I've only fired it with a gas restricted piston (will NOT be included, will come with original piston) and is a pussycat to shoot.  Overall condition is very good for a 70+ year old military rifle that was more than likely put into service.  Would make an awesome shooter/vintage military match/re-enactor rifle.  Prices on these rifles have really gotten insane over the years, north of 3k for a "common" all-matching rifle so I'm thinking that 1,800.00 + shipping is a fair price for my fellow WTA members.  I'm not able to accept trades, but I'm willing to work out a short payment plan (no more than 3 payments) if it's absolutely necessary to close the deal but of course would prefer payment in full.  Pics can be emailed for serious inquiries.
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