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Author Topic: Update on FBMG  (Read 5206 times)


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Update on FBMG
« on: September 12, 2009, 07:25:22 am »
James at FBMG (PvtPyle here) has given us this update to post for you all.

Ladies and Gents.

FBMG has suffered some massive setbacks and is, as many of you know without a building to conduct business in. All of the customers layaways and guns (to include NFA weapons) are secured. We are currently without an FFL until the ATF can get the paperwork done to change the physical address. We can not complete any transfers until they have that paperwork done. They have had it in their posession for several weeks as of this writing and have lost it twice and had corrections re-faxed to them twice. As soon as they get the new paperwork to us we will finish the transfers that are pending. I understand from our examiner that there are about 38 transfers that are approved and waiting for this to happen. If you are wondering where you are in that system please have your serial number and call the NFA branch. They can tell you right away where you are in the system.

At present all of FBMG's resources are tied up in retainers for our lawyers in a suit against the landowner of the building. We will process refunds or deliver product as soon as that is completed. If you would prefer we also have inventory still in stock that we could transfer to you in exchange for your deposit. I know many customers have taken delivery of their purchase from another vendor and we are deeply sorry that we were not able to provide you with the service you deserved. FBMG still have long guns, handguns, shotguns, optics and several hundred AR receivers in stock to shoose from.

At present time there are rumors that I am deployed to Aghanistan or Iraq. This is completely un-true. I am working on the active duty side in order to keep a roof over my families head and help to settle out our financial obligations to you the customers of FBMG. I AM in and out of email contact. That means if you send me an email PLEASE be patient and give me a bit of time to respond. If you do not hear from me in a week please try again. I will do my very best to address all emails as soon as I get the chance. If I happen to be out of town when the email comes and there is something that I can address right away I will forward it to my family who is/was involved with FBMG's retail business and they will get you taken care of right away.

Here are some of the pictures from the store and the damage caused by the neglegence of the landowner. As soon as I can I will be posting copies of the letter from OSHA detailing my responsibility to ensure the safety of my employees. They said in short fix it yourself or get them out of there into a safer location. We in no way tried to sneak out under the cover of darkness, or tried to commit fraud in anyway. The ATF both locally and back in VA are aware of our situation. As is the local police agencies and BBB. They are all fully aware of the events leading up to our move and know that there is no attempt to commit fraud, theft or subversion to our customers or creditors.

You may reach us thru James at or sales at

Thank you again for your patience and understanding in all of this. You can not imagine how difficult this time has been on the FBMG family to know that you let people down and watch your dream be nearly destroyed. And I would like to thank all of those who have expressed their understanding, kind words and best wishes. It is all of you that keep me going and this burden a bit easier to bear.


Pictures of the disaster.

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