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Mission Statement of WeTheArmed.com

We The Armed was founded as an expression of the things we hold dear:  Our Families, Our Homes, Our Countries, and Our Freedom.  We believe in the right to live as free men and women through the practice of self-direction and self-governance.  We The Armed are dedicated wholly and without reservation to the existence and expansion of freedom and justice worldwide.

Forum Rules

Rules Enforcement

Any member found to be violating the rules of the board will be dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate by the staff.  This can range from no action at all all the way up to a permanent ban.

Also understand that this is primarily a firearm forum.  In that vein, any violation that occurs in a gun-related thread will be considered far more harshly than one that occurs in a non-gun thread.

Threads in which a violation appears imminent MAY receive a moderator warning.  However, this is not a prerequisite for action.  Official actions in response to rules violations will be swift and can occur without issuance of a warning.

Lastly, know that we do not play lawyer games or stand down on technicalities.  Just because you may not have broken the strict letter of the law does not mean you have not broken the spirit of it.  Any member that is regularly troublesome, rules infractions or not, will simply be banned and forgotten.  We don’t appreciate Internet drama and will not indulge such.