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Strategy and Tactics / Re: Ebola in the US
« Last post by RetroGrouch on Today at 04:03:47 AM »
I'm trying to figure out how a well educated, experienced individual who was told by the CDC to self monitor after being exposed to Ebola goes bowling when he doesn't feel well...does the disease cause lapses in judgement?
Strategy and Tactics / Re: Looking foward...
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 02:43:20 AM »
I wish to correct my previous post.   I actually have zero experience with the High Standard Sportsman revolver as no such gun was ever produced AFAIK.   I DO , however, have considerable experience with the Harrington & Richardson revolver called the Sportsman.   Can't believe I got those two confused.   :facepalm
R & R / Re: More random internet weirdness.
« Last post by MTK20 on Today at 02:38:42 AM »
I really like this song ever since I heard it on the radio. I never knew the music video was so strange.

NSFW just cos it is abstract and weird. Watched it all the way through and aside from one exposed male buttock (via mooning) and a slightly suggestive action between a rather amorous couple, I'd say the video is clean. Definitely PG-13 and no worse than any other music vid I've shared in the past.

Enjoy the song!

Vance Joy - "Mess is Mine" [Official Video]:
They know the farmer is about to kill the goose, and they wonder where they'll end up when it finally happens. 

That is disturbing -- in a good way -- and very well said.
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Hide your guns in plain sight
« Last post by booksmart on Today at 01:13:40 AM »
The shelf bit isn't as obvious as the mirror cases are, but I'd be just as inclined to use a different latch... my wife'd hide the magnets during a cleaning, then say she never moved 'em.  :facepalm
Couldn't prove it by me.    :cool
Rifles / Re: must haves for a precision bolt gun.
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 01:05:07 AM »
I wouldn't turn my nose up at either a 7mm/08 or a .270 WSM for the use you've outlined.  Either cartridge is capable of gilt-edged accuracy and either is capable at long range in the heavier bullet weights.  The Browning X bolt is chambered in either one and I think the new Winchester model 70's that FN is building in South Carolina is as well.   Nothing wrong with the rifles you've listed but for the price you mentioned you have other options.  Just sayin'  .   .   .    :shrug
I'm betting you could not find a single person in the entire "Occupy Wall Street" rabble that ever read a page of that book. 

Assuming they actually read.  Do they?
I'm betting you could not find a single person in the entire "Occupy Wall Street" rabble that ever read a page of that book. 
Yeah, but that's like running up to the ice cream truck and having it pull away just as you get there.    :scrutiny     FWIW I never caught Mosinitis either.  Never owned one and don't have any plans to .    I have nothing against them but I got started with British Enfields and can barely afford that habit, much less another one.   :facepalm
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