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Muzzleloaders / Re: Brown Bess standard loadout?
« Last post by Kaso on Today at 10:00:42 AM »
I figured so, as that is 20 minutes of constant firing, at 3 rounds per minute.
Rifles / Re: So... this happened.
« Last post by ZeroTA on Today at 09:20:51 AM »
I didn't see the need for that, since I just shoot M193. Runs fine as-is. Lower is a CMMG MOD-4 with RRA LPK and standard carbine buffer with MOE stock. While I'll upgrade the trigger at some point, it runs fine as-is so I must resist the urge to "fix it til it's broken".

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So, how do I get BACK through the Looking Glass?  'Cause this Wonderland crap is really starting to scare me!
General Non-Firearms Discussion / What is this old optic?
« Last post by Grant on Today at 08:42:15 AM » our local gunshow a few weekends ago a guy brought this in and asked if anyone could identify it.  No one had a clue what it was.  Considering we're an....assorted bunch, figured I'd ask.  I'll look around for the old guy, he doesn't use a computer, and see if I can find out.

  It has an eyepiece adjustment, and I think an inner lense is cocked because if you really look at hard angles into the lense, you can see an up and down line on the left hand side with numbers, like 4 through 8 or so on them.

   We're clueless, maybe a land leveling device?   
R & R / Re: Random Internet Awesomeness.
« Last post by aikorob on Today at 06:28:07 AM »

watch til' the end
General Non-Firearms Discussion / Re: The Worst of SJW's.
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 02:46:05 AM »
That was painful to watch.    :banghead      The man has the patience of a saint but he needs to realize that people who are determined to have a confrontation so they can film it and impress their friends with how committed they are to the principal of "acting up" are only interested that one goal.  No amount of reasoned debate will deter them from it because that is not their purpose in being there.
Good progress so far.  Nothing is ever as simple as it looks eh?    :hmm
I then added more JB weld to the barrel area and around the rear tang. The JB weld despite being sticky is quite runny, but no worries I am filling in that area later.
This time I added release agent (wax) to the taped areas so it would not stick.

It doesn't look pretty on the inside, but no one will see that and it does what it supposed to do, support the action front and rear.

I probably should have used Devcon, instead of JB Weld, but I already had JB Weld, so another lesson learned.
The yellow residue is wax, the blue is the tape...I'll clean up the over flow before we're done.

The barrel will be supported for the first couple of inches, the rest of the barrel will be free-floating.

When I cracked it open in the morning, the anchor was nicely secure in the stock, I should have put some release agent on the tape though, now I have some cleaning to do.

Up front we have a nice platform for the action to sit on, the pillar is just below the surface. The barrel bed was not thick enough, I'll wait until it is cured and put another layer in

 While I was waiting for the bedding compound to cure I began sanding on the forend. I want the three sides to taper towards the front. I also wanted to leave a rib that would disappear at the muzzle.

Here it is after mucho sanding, still some work to do, but I'm getting close

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