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Adams Holsters / Re: Proof of Adams Holsters comfort...
« Last post by luke213(adamsholsters) on Today at 01:13:39 PM »
Ha glad to hear it's working well for ya;) Wish I had a camera there for the doc's face;)

 I pretty much have the same results with my own Texas rigs, for me they are comfortable pretty much in any condition even typically I carry mine IWB. I've driven cross country so many time while we were traveling and almost every time I was running IWB because as I crossed states some didn't allot open carry, had different rules as far as accidental exposure etc. So it was easier just to conceal well the whole trip than worry about it;)

Either way glad to hear it's still going strong for ya;)


Glad to hear that too Steve;) I'll have to shoot you a note once the mud stops, well now once the snow melts then the mud stops so you can stop by;)
Adams Holsters / Re: Proof of Adams Holsters comfort...
« Last post by srajala on Today at 01:01:56 PM »
The comfort factor of Luke's holsters is something that I found, now several years ago. This of course is an added expense I have to add to the cost of each new gun, a new Adams Holster. I wear a holster 8 - 12 or more hours a day, depending on what's happening. As a Private Investigator, concealment is everything some times and to my knowledge, I haven't been made.  Once broken in, and that doesn't take long at all,  I can put it on in morning and forget about it until I put it on the night stand at night. Even my wife will pat me down some times to check if I am pack'n or not because she can't tell. Yes I too have taken several naps while wearing an Adams holster and it doesn't bother me at all. For anyone that is reading this that hasn't had the opportunity to wear one of Luke's holsters I highly recommend you try one, especially if your someone that carries daily. You will not find a more comfortable holster, at least I haven't and I have one fine collection of other holsters.  Keep up the good work Luke.
Handguns / Re: .357 Snubby? Worth it?
« Last post by GaBoy45 on Today at 09:06:41 AM »

I want this one.  If it had a hammer.

Is that the 640 pro series? Haven't seen one with the fluted barrel.

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Military and Law Enforcement / Re: LEO loads...
« Last post by GaBoy45 on Today at 09:05:01 AM »

We like it just fine but .357Sig is getting harder to find and more expensive. We were a Sig department for decades and lately Glock Inc has acted like the typical German a______s they sprang from.

In addition we are undergoing a large growth in personnel with several dozen sidearms soon to be ordered. We just like the P220 and the P250 better. Nows the best time for our switch

I was up through Cherokee recently passing through to Pigeon Forge and noticed NC State Troopers had new model Sigs. Didn't speak to long with him as he was eating. But Glock acting like a____s is news to me. They pretty much knocked out the M&Ps in service in this area.

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Rifles / Re: New to the forums, Advice on my AR15
« Last post by Jlpowell84 on Today at 09:02:23 AM »
Good lookin rifle.

Please don't take my posts as a personal insult.  Start with what you can and feel out what works for you and your needs.  That's the great thing about the AR platform.
Identify need or want, identify solutions, modify as needed.

Nah didn't take it that way.  Ive been blunt to guys on Home Theater forums buying Bose systems so I know :)  Truth is I treated my AR like a man's barbie doll.  Phase is over and real time is here now :)  But the wait is on as T2 is currently on backorder from Larue.  But they are Aimpoint's number one dealer so it only be a couple weeks.
Military and Law Enforcement / Re: LEO loads...
« Last post by GaBoy45 on Today at 09:00:47 AM »

yeah, a local politics thing, but, as my son pointed out,  29 years of carrying a gun for a living is enough, it's time to call it a day.  29 years total, 15 here as Chief.   over the next few years we'll be on the road in a 5th wheel, seeing some country we never had the time to go see before.

Sadly though I haven't been on as long as some, I'm already seeing just how much politics are intertwined with law enforcement.

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Rifles / Re: New to the forums, Advice on my AR15
« Last post by Jlpowell84 on Today at 09:00:21 AM »
I really like the changes.  I'm still conflicted, myself, with the BAD.  I want to like it, but still prefer having the control away from the trigger finger.

Yea time will tell.  I do feel it's too busy down/over there with my trigger finger.
R & R / Re: More random internet weirdness.
« Last post by Grant on Today at 08:29:41 AM »
  Haha, I love that taco bell ad.

As for that last one...I've seen it....laughed....figured I shouldn't post it  :cool
Yep.  Baddies already impersonate cops by yelling SWAT when they break into homes and even wearing uniforms, police jackets etc.
The best way to be the "good guy" in a defensive firearms situation? Be right, and be the first person to call the cops.

Yep these things are just downright stupid, and the couple gun stores I saw them in had them only briefly.

Only nontard reasoning I've heard was someone that had it clipped to their belt near their holster. Thinking being if his shirt rode up, wind blew up, etc caused a quick flash of his gun someone seeing the gun would get a flash of badge at the same time and theoretically be less inclined to freak out. I don't think it was a good reason, but at least it wasn't a full retard reason.

Literally the only half thought out reason to have one.

I'd worry about both the "impersonating" charge if it's spotted, or in the case of an overzealous prosecutor like zimmerman, extra charges.

And it's usually the gunkid type half wits that are drawn to these things.
R & R / Re: Pinewood derby as a dad.
« Last post by jamisjockey on Today at 07:18:15 AM »
Weight is fine but friction is final.
Polish your axles and use copious amounts of graphite.
Careful using liquid lube, because it might get graphite on it and gum up.

Make sure the axles are installed straight and true.

Weight should be forward of the center of gravity, but not too much.  If it's too light in the ass it will slow down.

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