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Shotguns / Re: Suggest a shotgun for my wife
« Last post by Plebian on Today at 04:50:30 AM »
You can get all sorts of furniture for 870s. My wife is tiny as well(is only 5 foot with shoes on), and she uses a 12 gauge 870. We just get the lighter loads, and she runs them like a champ.

There is no real reason to go to the 20 gauge over the 12 IMO for smaller folks. If you get the lighter loads of 12 the recoil is almost identical between them. 
Shotguns / Re: Suggest a shotgun for my wife
« Last post by ksuguy on Today at 01:47:32 AM »
I've seen the ones with the pink camo stuff, that's not the right pink.   She isn't into hunting at all, so she wouldn't like leaves and tree branches painted all over it.   Ideally it would just be a solid pink color.   
Shotguns / Re: Suggest a shotgun for my wife
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 01:29:54 AM »
I think Remington actually has a youth 20 gauge with pink laminated wood furniture.  Might be just the ticket.   :shrug
Shotguns / Suggest a shotgun for my wife
« Last post by ksuguy on Today at 01:04:49 AM »
I've been thinking about getting a home defense shotgun for my wife.  She has said she would like something to keep around for protection when I'm not at home.

I'm 6'4",  and she's barely over 5 feet so pretty much everything I have is not sized correctly for her. The only handgun I have that she likes is an old beat up Ruger Mark 1.  All the others are too big for her hands and she doesn't have sufficient hand strength to work the slide on most of the autos, even when she uses the proper technique.  That's not a problem with revolvers, but then she can't really pull the trigger on my SP101 without pulling back the hammer and going to single action mode first.   I do have a couple of shotguns,  but the 12 gauge Wingmaster is way too long for her and the Saiga 12 probably isn't a good choice either.   

So I'm thinking something in a 20 gauge youth model might be the way to go.  Probably an 870 or Mossberg 500,  or one of the many clones out there.  Any suggestions?  Also,  it is very important that there be pink furniture available for it.  Any gun that she gets has to be pink.   :doh
Shotguns / Re: Shotgun recommendation
« Last post by Roper1911 on Today at 12:44:56 AM »
I'd start with a 870 express tactical, like
and go from there- that gets you the threaded 18.5 barrel, and the  synthetic stock- not youth though... check out Magpuls furniture, I hear its rather modular. you could even easily attach and detach a light to the fore end using their locking system.
after that, you just need to grab a 26 inch barrel.
R & R / Re: More random internet weirdness.
« Last post by Matthew Mayner on Today at 12:14:20 AM »
How video game characters eat their food.

How Gamers Eat Their Food
Shotguns / Re: Shotgun recommendation
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 12:10:26 AM »
Starting with the Remington 870 is seldom a mistake.  They are nearly foolproof and have been for years and they have easily the largest amount of aftermarket customization options of any shotgun.   The police guns have a few differences in the internals that make them a bit more durable but those parts are easily replaced on the plain vanilla commercial version if you so desire.  The other thing that you have with the 870 is a large market in used guns that are often near new for significantly less than new gun prices.  In case you haven't guessed by now, I heartily recommend them.   :cool
Shotguns / Shotgun recommendation
« Last post by tactical22 on Yesterday at 11:30:15 PM »
Hey guys! I'm MUCH more of a rifle and pistol guy than I am a shotgun guy, but I need some suggestions.

I'm looking to accomplish the following by purchasing one complete shotgun and then some extra parts, and build in a way that it can be swapped around with minimal hassle:

Remington 870
7rd mag tube for 2 3/4 shells
synthetic Hogue Youth stock
removable synthetic forend
removable Surefire forend
18" barrel threaded for chokes rated to 3" Magnums (not too picky on sights, but rifle or ghost rings would be preferred)
26" barrel threaded for chokes rated to 3" Magnums (not too picky on sights, but rifle or front bead would be preferred)

The idea would be to have one shotgun that could be easily configured to do all I would want to do. I'd want to start with one that had quality internals (Police or Wingmaster, perhaps?) and try to use a one-piece magazine or extension that allowed me to swap barrels and forends quickly.

So, what are my options? What's the best way to accomplish this?
General Firearms Discussion / Re: STAG Arms Upper...
« Last post by fnfnc64 on Yesterday at 11:25:27 PM »
I have two stag uppers, both carbine length 5.56's, both with the samson rail. They are what James and Larry used to carry and swear by back in the good old FBMG days. Both run flawlessly. That said, low end seems to be the way things are trending in the AR world right now. I think most gun guys already have their AR's, and its now mostly the inexperienced types who are looking to buy AR's, and they dont want to spend a lot. Its a good/bad thing really. People who would not normally buy AR's are getting them because they are plastered on the cover of every gun magazine and front and center in every action movie going these days, and half their buddies at work have them. That means a lot more people now have a vested interest in them not being banned. But it also means more low end low quality guns out there, and it means gun companies that could once be relied on to make a quality product are now suspect. Makes me wonder where it will all end up.  :coffee
R & R / Re: More random internet weirdness.
« Last post by GeorgeHill on Yesterday at 09:58:04 PM »
The peanut butter and bacon... Yes.  Everything else.  Life isn't long enough to try that.
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