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Shotguns / Re: Over the counter buckshot loads: My observations -
« Last post by sohmdaddy on Today at 09:43:51 PM »
Yeah, a Magnum 00 load was 15 pellets instead of 9 pellets.
Military and Law Enforcement / Re: Carrier Break
« Last post by Nightcrawler on Today at 08:55:01 PM »
They were practicing touch'n'go's at Dobbins AFB today...

Dobbins Air Reserve Base...I spent some time at the DARB last year.  Interesting, mostly-deserted little base.  It's run by the USAF Reserve, but has Georgia Air Nat'l Guard, Georgia Army Nat'l Guard, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, and the Georgia State Guard there as well. 

All they need to do is get a Coast Guard detachment there and they're covering just about everybody.  :rotfl
Military and Law Enforcement / Re: Carrier Break
« Last post by RMc on Today at 08:28:36 PM »
General Firearms Discussion / Re: WTA SPREECASTING
« Last post by ksuguy on Today at 08:00:18 PM »
I'll check it out,  might be in and out though. So I might not respond right away if anybody asks me anything. 
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Cross eye dominance
« Last post by cpaspr on Today at 07:59:42 PM »
I'm cross-eye dominant.  Sorta.  Depends on what I'm doing.  I'm right-eye dominant, but it's not a strong dominance.

I throw and play racquet sports left-handed.  Write, hold a fork or spoon, golf and swing a bat right-handed.  But I can do all of them except write almost as well with the other hand.  And possibly golf, since I never tried that left-handed so don't really know.  Oh, and I can't shoot a bow or slingshot worth diddly right-handed.

I shoot handguns primarily right-handed, but am comfortable left-handed as well.  I can shoot Bullseye style either side with both eyes open, and the correct eye doing the sighting.  I have some problems shooting two-handed facing forward, so tend to close the off eye, just to ensure I give the sighting eye the proper picture.

My dad started me out shooting long guns left-handed, based on my throwing, but I have always had to close the right eye to see the sights or through a scope.  I'm now working on training myself to shoot right-handed, but even so, I prefer to close the left eye, since it wants to have a say in what I'm seeing.  Like I said, not strongly right-eyed, but enough to be a bother.


And now that you know more than you ever wanted to, that's the same test I learned.  Works more consistently than holding up a finger or a pencil, focusing on an item across the room, then closing one eye then the other to see which one makes it move.

General Firearms Discussion / Re: WTA SPREECASTING
« Last post by mattitude on Today at 07:42:14 PM »
Well I have everything prepped & ready to present for the spreecast so it would be nice to get some participation.  It should be a good source of information and I'll be answering questions so be sure to head on over.
Rifles / Re: Savage Bear Hunter
« Last post by Nightcrawler on Today at 07:34:12 PM »
Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!
Rifles / Re: Savage Bear Hunter
« Last post by First Shirt on Today at 07:18:21 PM »
I special-ordered a Savage Scout, in 7-08, lefty.  Took a while, but it came through, and I am delighted with it. 

If you want to order one, contact Ms. Effie Sullivan, @ (800) 370-0708, ext 6
or (413) 642-4145.  Email is

Email response is supposedly hit-or-miss, so I'd recommend calling.  That, and she knows the inventory and parts interchangeability.  If it can be built with existing parts,  she can get it built.
R & R / Re: Leonard Nimoy - R.I.P.
« Last post by Nightcrawler on Today at 07:07:06 PM »

Astronaut Terry Virts captured this photo from the International Space Station flying over Boston, where Leonard Nimoy was born.
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