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Author Topic: Binocular suggestions  (Read 163 times)


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Binocular suggestions
« on: April 15, 2017, 02:51:45 PM »
I am looking to acquire a new set of binoculars.  I currently have a set of East German Carl Zeiss 7x50, and a Belmont (60s/70s Japanese made) clone of the same.  Both are very good, with the Belmont actually edging out the Zeiss for long range (500yd) precision focusing.

I am looking to get a more modern set, perhaps something a bit more compact.  I already looked at Zeiss's website, and their Terra 8x42s seem to be the closest to what I want that they offer.  For reference, the Terra is their entry level, going for between $300 to $400(MSRP) online.

If anyone has a suggestion for that or a different brand/model, I would appreciate hearing it.  I am not set on Zeiss, if another brand is clearly better.

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    Re: Binocular suggestions
    « Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 06:04:32 PM »
    All of my current binocs are ancient so I won't point you in a direction I haven't tried but a fellow named Randy Wakeman does a lot of reviews over at his site and over the years I've come to trust his judgement in a lot of things he comments on.

    He tends to favor Sightron, Hawke and Bushnell for binoculars and tells you why in his reviews.   He is also a fan of the 8x32, 38, 40 ish units because they offer the best combo of performance in terms of actual optics as well as size, weight and price. 
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